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  • We used Cutters Edge for our roof replacement. They were quick and efficient, and were done in 2 days! We had a shingle pitched roof and an addition with a flat roof TPO. We had one small leak in the flat roof that actually originated from a small hole in the shingle adjacent to it. We had a minor water stain in the popcorn ceiling from 1980 addition. Cutters Edge brought in their sheetrock guy to repair. Great service! They were comparably priced to other roofers and provided a 10 year warranty on workmanship.
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    InHim IaMFree Avatar
    InHim IaMFree
    These guys are the best! They are experienced and knowledgeable, and we appreciated the explanation during the course of the installation. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these guys to anybody.
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    Lee T J Avatar
    Lee T J
  • I had them redo the landscaping of our front and back yard. They were super knowledgeable and helpful in laying out the design. They were incredibly skillful and fast in excuting all the demolition and laying out the new pavers, concrete sidewalk, sod and new plantings. Great attention to every detail. The end product was exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for expert landscaping.
    David Martin Avatar
    David Martin
    Jorge did a great job replacing my back porch roof. Justin, Santiago, and Joe restained all the wood and added pavers. The porch looks fantastic! It took a few months for them to get started (all good landscapers are booked solid), but the professional craftsmanship was worth the wait. I highly recommend.
    Carla Sanchez Avatar
    Carla Sanchez
  • If you are looking for the best quality landscapers, look no further! Please be patient. These guys are so busy because they are the best! It took a little while to get started because we had to wait our turn, but it was more than worth it. They are very productive, very courteous, hard working and thorough. We couldn't be happier. Thank you Grant, Justin and Crew for making our yard so beautiful! We appreciate y'all so much.
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    N C Avatar
    N C
    They did a great job last year cutting down some of our over grown front yard. Tried calling this year for more work. We have left messages and sent emails like instructed to by the answering machine. Nada. No responses of any kind. We called tree pros and bam they will be here tomorrow already. UPDATE: Got an email this morning from G. Jacobsen. Instead of trying to keep us as customers it was an email about how were wrong and they have no info on us and they are the best and just too busy for new customers until June. This should have and could have been so simple for basic landscaping needs. We will never recommend this company nor use them again for anything.
    Darin Reese Avatar
    Darin Reese
  • **Update 4/25/23 Attempted to contact this business last week to ask about tree removal for our front yard. I left a voicemail and my husband sent an email through their website. We did not receive any return communication so my husband left an honest review as we were disappointed considering how positive our previous experience with them was. Instead of the business reaching out to discuss this matter, an employee emailed my husband back with an aggressive message stating that we didn't know what we were talking about and they've never been to our home? Look, I'm all for being proactive with less than positive reviews however taking such a nasty approach without trying to clarify anything is pretty childish. We've since scheduled with another business, at least they have someone to answer a phone call. This was our first time using Cutters Edge - they were fantastic! We needed a large bush cut back, a pine tree trimmed up and an ornamental grass trimmed for spring. They were able to handle all of that plus our rose bushes and the cleanup! Both Jake and Killian were very professional and nice. Will be referring others to this business and using them again in the future for other projects! Thanks so much! *Included before and after photos for reference
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    Megan reese Avatar
    Megan reese
    Zach Kirk with Davis The Plumber just completed a cleaning and safety check on my furnace. He is professional, knowledgeable, and knows how to explain complicated things to a layperson. Zach is also personable, friendly and an outstanding technician/representative for Davis.
    Lauren Thomas Avatar
    Lauren Thomas